Top 10 Doorstop Ideas

Top 10 Doorstop Ideas

Did you know: Doorstops came into use about 1775 following the introduction of the rising butt, a type of hinge designed to close a door automatically. Many stops took the form of famous persons, such as Napoleon, Shakespeare, Wellington, Gladstone, and Disraeli. Animal forms were also popular.

Today, we use doorstops for many different reasons, including decorative purposes, we have put together our Top 10 Doorstops!


Plush Cat

  1. Plush Cat Doorstop


Height 31cm x Width 15cm x Depth 19.5cm


Plush Dog

  1. Border Collie Doorstop


Absolutely gorgeous Border Collie doorstop which is an impressive 17” high.


Plush Flamingo

  1. Plush Flamingo Doorstop


Height 24cm x Width 16cm x Depth 21cm


Rabbit Doorstop

  1. Silver Bling Hare Doorstop


Sure to add a glamorous hint to any home space, a silver glitter hare doorstop with added bejewelled accents.


Highland Cow

  1. Highland Cow Doorstop


A very fuzzy Highland Cow Doorstop.

Perfect for placing in any neutral-toned home!

Height 23cm x Depth 20cm x Width 20.5cm


Beehive Doorstop

  1. Beehive Doorstop


Bees are on trend with home interiors and you can’t get much cuter than this doorstop. These are in high demand so we would recommend ordering one whilst stocks last.


Sheep Doorstops

  1. Woolly Sheep Doorstop


A farmyard mix of woollen sheep doorstops in Pink, Beige and Grey.

Cute and cuddly characters to accessorise any home

Height 25cm x Width 20cm x Depth 15cm


Fox Doorstop

  1. Orange Velveteen Fox Doorstop


A charming woodland-inspired doorstop.

A velveteen fox featuring a burnt orange tone and smooth faux velvet touch.


Bunny Doorstops

  1. Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Doorstop


Available in Brown or Grey.

An adorable sitting bunny doorstop with added fuzzy fur that is a perfect home accessory for any themed room.


Unicorn Doorstop

  1. Unicorn Plush Doorstop


Fabulous unicorn doorstop, perfect for a unicorn fans bedroom



You can browse even more doorstops on our website to see the full range of current stock. 

Please do reach out if you would like us to do a specific Top 10.